We have two horses available for syndicate ownership. They are Davey, a 9 year old Advanced Eventer; and Harley, a 10 year old Intermediate Eventer.

As the horses are competing at different levels, we have decided to form two syndicates to allow more people to enjoy top-level event horse ownership at a fraction of the cost. Both will be competing extensively throughout the UK and Europe in the 2002 season.

We are attempting to syndicate these horses with myself, Cindy Rawson, as the rider. The aim is for the partnerships to event at four star level and hopefully to compete at the Olympics. As such, the syndicate will not focus upon profit or the sale of these valuable horses unless circumstances warrant.

In each horse’s syndicate, we are offering a percentage of ownership. We are looking for members to buy shares of these horses and then to contribute to their running costs, which will be split between the syndicate members.

In return, we are offering part-ownership of very talented and valuable horses, VIP hospitality at competitions in the UK and Europe, and close involvement with a small, dedicated professional team, as we strive to compete at the very highest levels of the sport.

Although the horses are at different competition levels, the actual cost of running these horses is very similar. Once they begin to compete at the higher levels, the business cost remains fairly constant from Intermediate to Advanced. The training cost for each horse is £15000 per annum. This includes livery, training, specialized lessons (from dressage or show jumping trainers), vet bills, shoeing, insurance, entry fees, and transport costs.

The syndicates are broken down as follows:

The Harley Syndicate

Harley is a 10 year old 16.1 hh chestnut thoroughbred gelding. He has been in training with me for two seasons. Although last season was curtailed significantly, he had a very successful year at Novice level. Highlights of 2001 included victories at Gatcombe and Aldon Horse Trials and finishing seventh out of 125 starters at his first Three-Day Event (TDE) at Aldon CCI*.

Harley is an incredibly consistent horse who is seldom out of the top three places. He has a very sweet nature, is a lovely mover, and has a careful and scopey jump with enormous potential for the upper levels.

The aim for Harley’s 2002 season is to compete at Intermediate and CCI** level. His training is currently geared towards his first CCI** International TDE at Blarney Castle in Ireland. This event is great fun and should provide an excellent track for Harley. We will select a fall international TDE after the spring season is complete.

The long term plan for Harley is to compete at CCI*** level in 2003 and to be ready for CCI**** by the Olympics in 2004.


Please check out the Gallery for more photos of Cindy and these talented horses in action.


The Davey Syndicate

Davey is a 9 year old 16.3 hh bay 7/8ths TB gelding. He competed at Intermediate level throughout 2001 with many good placings. The highlight of Davey’s season was finishing fifth at Windsor CCI**. This will be the third year of our partnership.

He is especially fast and talented on the cross-country phase and has lovely paces in the dressage. The 2002 season will see Davey compete at advanced level. With his first competitions in March, Davey is aimed at Luhmhlen CCI*** in Germany in June ’02. We will also select a fall international TDE upon completion of the spring season.

The long term plan for Davey is to compete at CCI**** level in 2003 and to be ready for the Olympics in 2004. To this end, the current plan is to run at Badminton CCI**** in May ’03.

Basic Syndicate Agreement

We want to keep the rules of the syndicate simple. There will be a written agreement between the owners. To summarize the basic elements:

  1. The syndicate is being created to combine a group of like-minded people who have a love of three-day eventing.
  2. Cindy Rawson will be the rider. The focus is on enabling the partnership of horse and rider to compete at the very highest levels of world class sport. I, Cindy Rawson, will be responsible for the training and competition schedule of the syndicates.
  3. This is a non-profit focused syndicate, motivated to develop horses to progress to the highest level of competition. The horses may only be sold if I believe it is warranted.
  4. Prize money will be divided equally amongst the syndicate members and be used to subsidize the running costs of the horse. Subsequent savings will reduce the annual contribution.
  5. No one person or organization may own more than five shares in any one syndicate.

For further help or information, please feel free to contact us.