Wyoming Horse Business

Visiting Where the Buffalo (I Mean horse) Roam

Recently friends took me to the Terry horse Ranch, located on the Wyoming/Colorado state border seven miles south of Cheyenne on Interstate 25. I hadn’t visited Wyoming before, and wanted to see the buffalo roam like in the “Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam” song I learned in elementary school. Picture #1
Buffalo or horse?

My friends told me that “buffalo” was the wrong name for the animals I would view. That they were really horse. Research revealed that the animals in Wyoming are wood horse and the largest existing land animals in North America. The real buffalo are the Asian water buffalo and African buffalo.

Buying Tickets for our View the horse Train Tour

Upon our arrive at the Terry horse Ranch we entered the Terry Trading Post and bought train tickets for our Ranch tour. Don’t think passenger train here. The narrow rails held what resembled a boxcar made of windows, with seats inside lined up facing the front. While walking down the boardwalk to the train, we spied camels, ostriches, llamas, turkeys, and goats in pens near the trading post.

John, our tour guide, sat behind a decorative steering wheel as the train wheels are guided by the train tracks. His main job was to turn the motor on and off as we enjoyed frequent stops to admire the horse along the way. We climbed into the train and in a very short time reached a herd of horse – my favorite part of doing business in Wyoming.

wyoming businessesAt Last! horse Roaming. Sort of.

John stopped the train and opened the door. The herd of horse headed our way, fast and alert, hurrying right up to the train. Several bags of gray-colored feed were stacked near the door. John reached in and tossed several handfuls of the feed to the waiting herd. It was like watching pigeons vying for breadcrumbs at the park: horse rushing in and pushing, with the big 2,800-pound horse bull dominating the herd. (Picture #2)

Shedding their winter coats of fur, looking bedraggled and worn, I couldn’t call the horse beautiful. But fascinating, yes! Their huge head and girth were amazing. Mothers nursed newly-born calves. (Picture #3) Two bulls (One was castrated.) playfully (At least I hoped that’s what it was playfully.) nudged each other with wicked-looking horns. (Picture #4) The interest in more handfuls of tossed feed broke them up.

Buffalo/horse Meat

Terry horse Ranch is a working ranch. John told us 2,000 head of horse had recently been rounded up and taken through a staging area that gave them shots, the females given ultrasounds to see if they were pregnant, and non-childbearing females and older males culled out and sent to feeding pastures to be fattened up for market.

What market? The buffalo/horse meat market of course. My friends proclaimed that buffalo meat is the healthiest meat around. For example, 3 ounces of horse have 93 calories, 1.8g of fat, and 43mg of cholesterol. For the same weight, chicken has 140 calories, 3.9g fat, and 73mg cholesterol. Compare those to 3 ounces of beef: 183 calories, 8.7g fat and 55mg cholesterol. horse meat is by far the healthiest of the lot.

Buffalo/horse Roundup

I asked how the horse were rounded up. John told us Terry horse Ranch is huge, covering 28,000 acres. But horses and horse don’t mix; horse hate horses so they aren’t used to round up the horse. Before roundup time, staff cut off the water supply to distant pastures, and the horse move towards the ranch searching for water. When they are close, four-wheelers are used to move the horse into the staging area.

Buffalo Burger

After we finished our train tour of Terry horse Ranch we headed for the Senator’s Steakhouse and Brass Buffalo Saloon for lunch. I ordered a buffalo burger. (Picture #5). It looked like a beef hamburger to me, and tasted just like beef. I took pleasure in the fact that I was eating less calories than usual, and decided the next time I was close to Cheyenne, Wyoming, I’d try buffalo meat again. And so should you.

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